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That wouldn't be me and my blog if I didn't write about food. When I am back to London everything I do is eat! Sorry-not-sorry, food in London is so good that I cannot resist. I think only in London you can taste Italian as great as in Italy and Indian even better than in India, as local people move to London from their homelands to start their own business with authentic and traditional recipes and ingredients.


London is just an awesome place for foodies, you can live here for a month and eat different cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this is how diverse food here is. But not all the places are evenly delicious, so I urge you to do research before you go anywhere or easier- just follow my recommendations! I have been living in London for 5 years and still keep finding amazing new places every week. Let me share with you my favorite places! 


Prepare yourself when visiting Mnky Hse, not just for strict bouncers but also for mouthwatering food, mind-blowing cocktails, outstanding service and even an opportunity to meet celebrities here. Yes, that's right, Will Smith and David Beckham were walking down the same floor and maybe even sat at the same table as me, who knows. 


Located in the heart of Mayfair, Mnky Hse is a South- American restaurant-bar which turns itself into a club after hours. I love the whole idea of turning the restaurant into the club, as I know the hustle myself when the dinner is over and you have to arrange cabs, collect coats, find another place and wait in the queue to get in, but here you don't have to go anywhere…the club comes to you. It isn’t just a restaurant that does music or a bar that does food, it is all of that together. 

We went for a tasting menu for two, which allows you to try a selection of house specialties, if this is your first time and you are not quite sure what to get- this is definitely a great idea! Portions are a good size and very filling, I even thought to skip the dessert, but when it arrived at our table I just couldn't resist as it looked and tasted too great. Sharing concept is my favorite and even though the atmosphere is very posh here no one would judge you for grabbing some tacos with your hands. I was already surprised with our starter, as I was just not sure how they made such simple ingredients like guacamole and pumpkin puree so delicious. I am a huge fan of ceviche and I can clearly say that here I tried the best ceviche in my life (Mnky ceviche and Tavo ceviche was just to die for), but yet my favorite dish for the night was hamachi tostada. And let's not forget about the cocktails that were not only beautifully presented but also tasted great.


Mnky Hse is not just a dinner place, here you come for the experience, to treat yourself, to have an amazing night out with your friends, it might be pricey, but it is definitely worth it and you are guaranteed to have a great time here. If you want to have a taste and feel a little bit of Latin America this is for sure the place to be. 

China town is a must visit during your stay in London and right now there is another reason for it - amazing, brand new restaurant that serves a delicious mix of Japanese and American cuisine. As soon as you enter you are immersed in the funky but relaxing atmosphere. The design is something that I have never seen before- upstairs is a classic sitting area, but downstairs is a bar, that also welcomes diners with amazing cocktails until late hours with DJ. The walls are covered with old-school Japanese jukeboxes, Japanese spirits, and soft drinks, there is even a car that is turned into a DJ booth and ceiling covered in Manga comics. Definitely something unique for your Friday night out! 


They work very hard on their menu and change it pretty frequently, but what you for sure will find is delicious fresh sushi- we got the whole platter to try different kinds, burgers, and homemade udon and buns. The buns were not my fav, but I will definitely come back for sushi and udon! The portions are small, which allows you to try different things. Prices are reasonable for London, I guess also here you are not just paying for food but also for the experience! 


Also, as funny as it might sound, you have to visit their bathroom upstairs! The Japanese toilet is something that everyone should experience in their lifetime :)) 

I love Mexican food! But the food in Ella Canta is not just some ordinary Mexican tacos and burritos, here you can try something absolutely special and unique. The restaurant is located in the Intercontinental Hotel and the design is just gorgeous. Staff is wearing traditional costumes, light Latin music is playing that makes you excited for all that food. There is a set menu for the starters, you get to try everything they have, but you have to pick your mains, also for 90 minutes you have unlimited Margaritas ( I wish that lasted longer :D). 

When starters arrived I couldn't believe my eyes! On my portion of guac, there was a huge grasshopper!!! Don't worry, of course, it was edible and we even asked for another one so we can both try it. I have actually tried dried insects before on one of the food-tech conferences and even though it was scary at first I think it is great environmentally friendly idea. Dried insects can taste like anything you want them to be, are high in protein and low in fat and they’re good for the environment. They’re eaten by 70 percent of countries worldwide - but this is the first time I have actually seen it in a restaurant which I think is such a unique and fantastic idea! 


Starters were deliciously served, tasted amazing and service was just super friendly. Apart from included Margaritas we also tried a couple of cocktail that literally blew my mind away. One was Corazón de Melón that came in a heart-shaped glass with smoke coming all over it and Onca that came in a warrior shaped glass. The mains were delicious as well, pretty small at first sight, but after all the starters that we tried, it was just enough and of course delicious churros to finish up with! 


This place definitely cannot be your normal weekend brunch place, here you would come for the experience, to try something that you never tasted yourself and of course to reward yourself after a hard week! 


Pretty pricey at first but definitely worth the price as you can try so much and even drinks are included.

Not a lot of veggie options, but definitely available on request and it is just perfect for a pescetarian like me!

Great location in Central London, but the restaurant located above the windows, so you cant really see much of outside, but you don't really need it, as you have delicious food in front of you.

There are many restaurants that offer mind-blowing views of the city, like Duck and Waffle and the Shard, but I think those are a little cliché now. In London, you definitely need to treat yourself at least once, put on your nice dress, sit outside on the terrace if weather allows and enjoy the food, music and the gorgeous view of the best bridge in the world. My top recommendation for a fancy dinner is the Ivy Tower Bridge- it gives the best view over the Tower Bridge. You can come here for afternoon tea — traditional British activity — full-on lunch or dinner or even brunch on weekends. The service is exceptional and the food is just extremely delicious. Scallops and tuna for starter blew my mind and for mains, we had lobster and fish pie which was well prepared as well. 

If you fancy enjoying the view over Tower Bridge from the ground level especially on a sunny day you need to go visit Coppa Club and try their mind-blowing sangria. This place is always buzzing, especially during winter as they have their igloos outside. The food is simply delicious and really affordable for such great location. Try coming here for a sunset and you won't regret having a coctail overlooking one of the most famous bridges. 

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