I strongly believe that people in Latvia are different. We are raised in nature and we grow up learning to love it. When I was a kid my parents always took me camping and sleeping in a tent under stars and it was the best type of holiday for me. So growing up, I was connected to people who feel the same and I surrounded myself with friends who love nature, outdoors and camping. 


My friend Juliana is my Latvian hero, she is a true traveler and the best outdoors explorer I know! I always say that to travel doesn't mean you have to take a long flight to the other side of the planet, travel simply means getting out of the comfort zone and that can be done in your own country, neighborhood or even your own yard. 


Juliana was born in Estonia but for the whole life (except some years spent in Finland) she lived in Latvia. Like me, and sometimes together with me, she spent a lot of time outdoors because we simply did not have the access to the computer, phone or social media and a lot of money to afford an exotic vacation somewhere abroad, so grandmother's summer house and camping at Latvian lakes seemed like a perfect holiday.  


Latvia is narrow and compact country. It has 500 km of sandy beaches which are easily reached from historical towns. Closeness to nature is usually the biggest surprise for tourists who discover Latvia. The natural serenity is rareness for a region that is so close to the crowded and urbanized Europe. Latvia is undiscovered! Usually, tourists who come to visit Latvia only spent a few days in the capital and leave without having much impression of the country, but only real explorers get to see and experience the diversity of Latvian nature- forests, lakes, meadows, bogs, sandy beaches and especially different campsites around the untouched wildlife.

When was the last time you slept under the stars and cooked dinner over an open fire?  Or had true quality time together with your friends or family without mobile phones, computers, rush or traffic? 


The reasons for camping could be different for you and many people alike.            


It could be the love for being outdoors.

The only time to reflect on what life is and how to fit things together.

Waking up to the singing birds before the sun comes out, feeling of fresh air leaves all problems behind.

Perfect reason to do nothing for a weekend- or even longer. This will give you and your friends or family a chance to have a good time together, whether it’s doing sports, cooking or simply chatting near the fire.

In a lot of cases, your 4-legged friend can be tagged along with you. A lot of camping facilities allow staying with dogs so you don’t have to leave it alone.

What about the food? Fried fish, fresh-soup, mushroom stews, bbq with a bunch of greens-  restaurants cannot compete.


Whatever the reason is, one thing that stands solidly is that many people see the positive impact that spending time outdoors does to your body and soul.


If you want to go to the countryside, but feel uncomfortable sleeping in tents or sleeping bags you can always stay in specially equipped places with comfort. For those people who appreciate the easy way of camping, there is a new and slightly ridiculous concept– glamping. A combination of the two words which mean - going camping with glamour. It's like regular camping, but with nicer things than usual, being warmer, and cozier

Glamping Klaukas

This spot is located in Sigulda- just one hour away from Riga, between thick forests, sandstone cliffs, and castles. Very specific campground for very special nature lovers right next to river Gauja. Owners offer 8 quipped tents with electricity, shared kitchen, shared toilet with hot shower and shared guest tent. Each tent is individually designed and features wooden floors, a desk and a terrace with outdoor furniture. Glamping also offers boat rental, where you can take a sunset cruise along one of the most beautiful rivers in Latvia.

Tree house Ciekurs (Cone)

Have you ever dreamed about spending the night in a tree house? If - yes, then your dream can come true!

Treehouse Čiekurs (Cone) is located in Gauja National Park, surrounded by the pine forest, 3 km from city Cēsis and 90 km from Riga. It is the most incredible place to stay with a high comfort. There are only two houses located right in the trees, so it is a great place to enjoy nature. All units are air-conditioned and include seating areas. Little fridge and kettle are also offered. Guests can use barbecue sets and stovetop, which are located in the common outdoor kitchen, 50 m from tree houses. The property has a private beach area. Visitors can try a Latvian sauna ritual or a hot tub and take a swim in a lake. There is a table tennis and golf.

The best thing about this place – you can lie in the bed and watch stars reflecting in the water.

I think this is the most incredible place in Latvia and is definitely my fav place out of all!

Miera Osta

There is one more secluded tree house in Latvia located in campsite Miera Osta between Pāvilosta and Akmeņrags.

For each visitor to feel comfortable, owners offer gazebos, picnic space, tents, fireplace, toilets, information stands and bicycles. Here you can relax on the beach, enjoy the recreational activities and a variety of entertainment, like swimming, boating, mobile sauna on the beach, rope tracks, fishing on the sea coast or volleyball. The environment is very friendly for guests with dogs. You will be able to smoke the fish caught in the sea or enjoy the sea view, pick mushrooms and berries.

Houses of the Sun ( Saulesmaja)