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We all know that London is insanely expensive, but actually, after I spent here few years and learned some tips and hints I have found out that London can be pretty affordable, you just have to know where to look for deals and discounts. I loooove a good deal, a lot of girls brag about how expensive their stuff is, I actually brag about how cheap is mine. I think the ability to find exclusive deals is an undeniable talent and I am glad that I have it and you should be glad too, as today I decided to share with you all the money saving tips to help you survive in the big city, it works for visitors as well! 

Do Sports For Free Say What? 

It is easy to be fit in London. Easiest way- go running in the park, but you can even get into gyms for free. There are thousands of gyms in London and every single one of them offers free trials, so if you want to you can work out for free every day for the next few years. 


Move GB offers gym subscriptions, you are paying a set price, let's say for like 10 visits. But instead of going to one gym you can visit any gym and any class in your area. I love this idea, also for all new customers they offer 10 sessions for 10£, which means you can visit the most expensive gym with swimming pool, personal trainer, yoga session for 1£ a visit! You can cancel anytime if you don't want to continue after this trial. 

Also, here are several completely free work out classes:


Adidas Studio LDN - a variety of weekly women-only classes including free yoga, running, boxing that are even hosted by very famous and inspirational ambassadors. 

London City Runners- is the biggest free running club in the capital. Anyone can participate from newbies to veteran marathoners. 

Lululemon Run Club and yoga classes - many of their London stores, including the flagship in Covent Garden, King’s Road and Spitalfields, host both a weekly run club as well as in-store yoga sessions, all for free. 

Nike+ Running Club and Nike+ Training Club- most of the central Nike branches offer free running clubs, ask in the store how to join. The classes have a women-only policy.


OurParks- free fitness group classes across the city led by qualified instructors, sounds like a dream, right? Make sure to sign up online! 


Reebok Fithub- in the Covent Garden and Richmond stores they run freebie workouts every week. The nature of the each class varies day to day and store to store, so do enquire at your local Fithub for an upcoming timetable. 


Sweaty Betty’s in-store classes- with over 70 classes to pick each week, it’s no wonder yummy mummies flock to Sweaty Betty to keep their fitness on track. But to sign up for a class, it’s fastest fingers first – places can be booked up to a week in advance so simply register online and keep your eyes peeled for a free spot.


Work out by yourself! In summer my fav thing to do is to get my own table tennis bats that I got from Amazon for 2£ and go play table tennis, it is so easy as those tables are everywhere around London.


You can check your closest locations here:


And even playing real tennis can be done for free. Check your closest stadium here: 

Food is life! 

You all know me, I cannot imagine my life without delicious food and eating out. Eating out can be quite expensive, but not if you know all the best spots around the city that do 50% off just before closing time! 

Itsu: 50% off 30 minutes before closing. This is the most popular spot, so people star queuing way before the deal starts, especially in the student areas and cities, so come a little earlier pick up your stuff and wait until they start to discount. 


Crusshh: 50% off all items with red sticker 1 hour before closing. 


Coco Di Mama: 50% off 1 hour before closing. 


POD: 50% off 30 minutes before closing. 


Abokado: 1/3 off after 5pm. 


Tossed: 50% off 1 hour before closing. 


Bonne Bouche: Big discounts 30 minutes before closing. 


Vital Ingredient: Friday only. 50% off after 3pm


YouMeSushi: Buy one get one free on sushi boxes 1 hour before close. This is my fav and I go crazy when I go there :) 

K10 Japanese: 50% off 30 minutes before closing.


Beiriso: 50% off after 5pm (they close at 8pm).


Japan Centre: Some food 50% off (sometimes higher, up to 90%!) near closing. Min 1 hour for the good deals. They reduce their sushi and other bits more and more the closer it gets to closing time.


Harrods Food Hall: Some food 50%+ off 2 hours before closing. 


Selfridges Food Hall: Some food 50% off an hour before closing. 


Fortnum & Mason: Big discounts before closing. Try 1-2 hours before. 


Mugen Sushi: 50% off 1 hour before closing.


Every supermarket like Waitrose, Tesco, Mark and Spenser also reduce their food in the evening, you never know when is the best time to go, but Sunday around 5 pm is my magic saving day! 


Food life-saving apps:

Too Good To Go: simply the best app ever, the restaurants put up alerts on the app if they have a lot of remaining food, you are paying set price usually around 2.50 come and get your food to take away. They have some awesome participating restaurant and it is pretty much available everywhere around London. 

Happi Our: another app for awesome deals and food discounts. 

City MuncH: here you can get vouchers for food. Great Discounts. 


Obviously walking is cheaper, so avoiding using tube can save you a lot of money! But we are not here for that kind of tips! I prefer using a bus, as there is more fresh air, you can get phone service, you can watch the city and finally, it is cheaper. I only use a tube when it is absolutely necessary. 

Did you know that tube ride can be as little as 1.60 instead of 2.40! everything you need to do is getting Railcard  that is 30£ per year and connect it to your Oyster card. You can do that at any station by asking one of the staff members. This will give you 30% off all the off-peak journeys. Peak hours are between 06:30 and 09:30, and between 16:00 and 19:00 weekdays only, so try to avoid that. For example, when traveling to Heathrow it can cost you 2.60 instead of 5.10, why paying more?


Also a very secret and super illegal tip. I gave 30% off to 6 other people by connecting them to my discount code. Just get your friend's oyster card and connect it to your railcard at the station. You can even share the cost of the railcard between your friends to make it fair, win-win for everyone. 


Mindblowing! In London, you can even get a free haircut and hair color! For the past few years, I have never paid to do my hair. There are many hairdressing schools around London and they need people to practice on. You don't have to be a model to participate, as they only look at your hair and they welcome all different colors, lengths, and styles. You have to be flexible and obviously, they cannot do requests, but they do their absolute possible to combine what students need to learn, with what you want to get. I have used this service for years and I was happier than those times when I paid in a saloon. They have professionals with decades of experience and they use professional products. The only problem is that everyone is staring at you, cuz everything is shown on your hair, the times would only work for those who do not work, as they only operate daytime working days and also it takes way longer, but it is free and works for both boys and girls. Check out for hairdressing schools Aveda, Vidal Sassoon, and Toni and Guy. Take a chance! Hair grows back!

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