Safari In Cape Town

During my time in Cape Town, my bf had a birthday, so I decided to present him something that I enjoy the most myself- adventure! I took him for a safari. It is incredible that just 2.5 hours away from Cape Town you can immerse into the wilderness, go for a safari and stay in an absolutely gorgeous tent. Inverdoorn Safari is a little bit different safari experience to what I had before in Kenya and Tanzania, here many of the animals were rescued from a variety of places where they were mistreated and are now offered better living conditions and opportunity to retire in peace. Each species of animal is living in their own huge private territory, as rescued animals do not have hunting instincts anymore, so they have to be cared for and provided with food. The area is protected by the anti-poaching team that is monitoring the area 24/7.

We spent at the reserve 1 night and 1,5 days and during this time we had 2 safaris. After we arrived and checked in we enjoyed the buffet with other travelers and then proceeded to our lodge, which was another drive away from the main camping spot. Our host, guide, animal expert, waiter and basically everything else was a young South African woman with an incredible passion for animals. We then proceeded to have our safari and it was just incredible how knowledgeable she was, how passionate she felt about conservation, she used every opportunity to provide us with the information not only about the animal behavior and habitat but also problems that animals are facing because of us humans, such as ivory, poaching, draught, hunting etc. I of course never missed a chance to ask her thousands of questions what it takes to keep so many animals on such a big land, how the reserve is operated and maintained.

In the morning we joined another safari where we had another opportunity to have a closer look at the animals and even see some of them being fed. We were lucky to see giraffes as well- my favorite animals, that for some reason were hiding from us on the previous safari. After we came back from the safari, we had a beautiful breakfast in our tent and were just chilling in our room, when we head some splashing in the pool. I thought: “Weird, I thought we are alone here”, so went out to see, and literally could not believe my eyes! There were 2 elephants drinking water from our pool (the water is clean and has no chlorine). I could literally cry that moment, but I didn’t want to waste any time, so I slowly walked into the water and just swam with them while their trunks were sipping water around me. Everything was closely monitored by a member of the staff since they know it is very dry in the area and elephants sometimes like to get a little bit closer and enjoy some fresh water on a hot day. I really appreciated that I was guided how close I could get and staff made sure I stay in the distance and won’t touch the animals.


Elephants had their fun and left and I still stood there in the water trying to understand what just happened! I saw it on social media, I saw videos about it, but literally never thought that something like this can happen to me! Crazy right?! Well, if you want to have a similar experience you know where to go, I have heard that elephants are frequent guests in that pool, so maybe you will be lucky as well!

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