My name is Margarita, I was born in Latvia but live in London now. My family brought me up as a real explorer and adventurer and most of my childhood was spent hiking, camping and exploring nature. I have visited 55 countries by the age of 24 and I am really just starting now! Nature is what inspires me the most and even during a romantic weekend to Paris, I try to get out of the city and explore outdoors. I do all my trips on budget and rely on Couchsurfing, friends, followers, and volunteering to help me to see as much as possible in a country. I have moved away from Latvia when I was 19 and since then lived in The Hague, Amsterdam, on a ship in the USA, Oxford and finally based myself in London (will that be for long, tho?). I came to Oxford, UK to study Animal Behaviour and conservation after I volunteered with animals for the first time. 





Ever since I was a child I wanted to travel and explore our planet, my father was telling me stories about lands far far away and at a very young age, I decided that when I grow up I will become a traveller. Time was passing me by but for some reason, this dream was not becoming a reality and so, I forgot about it. When I graduated school I had no clue what to do with my life, I was scared and confused because society was telling me to study and settle for a "whatever" job but my heart was telling to follow my dreams. And so, I left my country for the first time with no intention of coming back. I began working on a cruise line with my first ever itinerary to Alaska. That experience changed my life forever. Being so far away from home, seeing wildlife and landscapes that I have only seen on TV, totally immerging into different culture, language, making international friends and finding new things about myself are what made me a different person and from then on I decided that I will never stop exploring. I decided that I will find a way to travel, will constantly save money to afford to experience new places and seeing the beauty of our world. 



When I started working on a cruise line I started my page on Instagram, I was posting pictures from my travels and stories about how I was spending time. I was always honest about my experiences and was writing a lot about the things I liked and didn't like. For some reason people started following me, asking me for advice and I decided to start a travel blog as well. My Instagram and my blog is my diary- the way to keep memories of all the places I have been to and all the crazy adventures I have been part of. My story is about an ordinary Latvian girl, coming from a poor family who could never afford to leave the country, until one day when she decided to change her life. The story that I share is my way to tell you, people, that it doesn't matter where are you coming from, which passport you have, how much money you have in your pocket- there is always a way to travel, you just have to be brave to just go!

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About Me

Hi guys! My name is Margarita, I was born in Latvia, the country that not many people know about, but with my own example, I am trying to prove that it doesn't matter how much money you have, what passport you hold- you can still travel the world! 


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